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JP Garde : The heritage of a land

Jean Garde

The heritage of a land

Our family estate started in the mid-19th century with my great-grand-father. First based on mixed farming, it became exclusively a vine-growing operation in the 60’s at the time I joined my father on the estate. For the next 40 years I devoted myself to the development of the vineyard as well as the modernization of the facilities.

JP Garde : Transmitting the passion

Frédéric and Jean-Paul Garde

Transmitting the passion

Over the past few years, I have gradually handed the torch to my children who are committed to carrying on our family legacy. Passion, know-how and high standards have passed on from father to son for five generations! Today they carry on new projects, new commitments: our recent HVE* certification is the first step towards an approach that is ever more respectful of the environment and the people.

*High environmental value

JP Garde : Striving for quality

Jean-Paul Garde

Striving for quality

While preparing for the upcoming changes and challenges facing our world, our commitment and rigor to the service of quality remain intact. Each day, our dynamic and responsive team will continue to give their best in order to offer you a product of excellence.

JP Garde : Five generations of growers
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