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JP Garde : A subtle balance

Pheromone dispenser

A subtle balance

The challenge for us is to reconcile production requirements in order to guarantee the economic viability of our operation. So we take an approach that is increasingly respectful of the environment, which will in turn help ensure the sustainability of our vines and our land.

This objective and this philosophy must materialize in our daily work.

Since 2015, in a joint effort with our neighbors and in order to replace the use of insecticides, we have been installing pheromone dispensers throughout our vineyard (a sustainable method to fight certain grape berry moths that could inflict huge damage on our crop).

Tillage, on the other hand, offers several advantages: for instance, it helps reduce the use of herbicides but it also has a beneficial effect on the structure, water supply and microbial life of the soil, all elements that are even more critical as we begin to see the effects of global warming.

JP Garde : Staying on course

Staying on course

Obtaining the environmental certification HVE 3 with the 2018 vintage has encouraged us to continue our efforts in order to maintain biodiversity, reduce the use of chemicals, implement a balanced fertilization program and adopt better water management practices.

It also pushes us to consider the best options for our farming and winemaking process consistent with this approach.

Finally, we promote awareness of these issues within our team because they impact the way we work on a daily basis and require relentless attention.

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